Expo App

The official Expo 2020 Dubai App can be downloaded from:

Apple Store

Google Play

The free version allows you to explore Expo 2020 Dubai online and better organize your visit to the exhibition site, thanks to the interactive GPS-activated map, the calendar and the possibility to book your participation in the events.

In addition, the Business version can be downloaded HERE, at a cost of $3.

The Business App is dedicated to international matching services and to the enhancement of the international players who will participate in the Universal Exhibition.

It promotes B2B and B2G meetings between the systems of the 192 countries taking part in the Expo and allows each registered company to:

  •  Organise online and face-to-face meetings in Dubai
  •  Have a dedicated space and create and maintain B2B and B2G contacts quickly and intuitively, replacing the most common communication channels (Linkedin, email and messaging, Skype, etc).

It is an AI Powered system, which simulates human cognitive functions, with learning capabilities.
The app can ‘learn’ and ‘improve’ based on the use made of it, so more use corresponds to a better and more personalised user experience.