The Italy Pavilion

The concept around which the Italy Pavilion’s organization and themes are structured is consistent with the theme of Expo 2020, “Beauty Connects People”: beauty as a link between people but also as the expression of Italy’s creative genius and cultural wealth.

Invitalia, the Italian Development Agency, launched an international Call for Projects for the design of the Italy Pavilion, which was answered by 19 participants.

The winning project was signed by Carlo Ratti, Italo Rota, Matteo Gatto and F&M Ingegneria and consists of a pavilion made with an “architectural narrative”. It is composed of three very large boat hulls that sailed towards Expo Dubai and there turned into the roofing of the pavilion, thus symbolising the journey to discover new worlds by ancient explorers that contemporary Italy continues on, interweaving relations with others and receiving a payback in contributions, thus making it a Country of great cross-fertilization between cultures, peoples and knowledges from different places. According to Davide Rampello, the Pavilion’s art director, it uses “the language of scenography along the narrative itinerary. From the point of view of the visual narration, all the histories of the different Italian regions (with their thousands-years-old stories) are stylistically merged into a single language.” The narrative of the Italian regions combines with that of “research in universities and of the most sophisticated companies”. And the red thread of this narrative ranges from “the theme of water to that of space, and of the sky”.

Inside the Expo 2020 Dubai site, the Italy Pavilion is located between the thematic areas of “Opportunity” and “Sustainability”, close to those of India, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan and United States, an area of great appeal, also in terms of the flow of visitors estimated.  This 3,420 m2 lot will intercept the public exiting the Pavilion of the United Arab Emirates (250 metres away) and in transit towards the North Park, one of the exhibition site’s largest green spaces. In addition to making the location more appealing, its proximity to the park also assures the Pavilion an excellent visibility. No other structure blocks its sight either frontally or laterally.

The Italy Pavilion – Gallery

The interior of the Pavilion hosts:

The Belvedere
An immersive installation that enables visitors to experience a real experiential journey through the most impressive landscapes of Italian Regions; it is built according to the model of a Renaissance studio, with niches used to screen videos. Each Region can participate by screening a 3-minute video with approximately 12 reruns per day.

Regional monographs
A space with great visibility inside the Video Wall (approximately 100 m, 8m tall x 12m long) positioned in front of the main entrance to the Pavilion.
During the days dedicated to the Regions and to the Autonomous Provinces, and on special occasions of interest, they will be able to exploit the visibility of the video wall for a maximum of  1 hour in the so-called ‘prime time’ slot (from 9:00 to 10:00 PM Dubai time), to unfold the monographic story that characterizes their territory and initiative.  

White Space
A space in which to organize maximum 15-day-long temporary exhibitions.

Conference venue with an occupancy of up to 120 people.

Education Lab
Multimedia space dedicated to Universities and Research Centres.

Cultural Lab
Multimedia space dedicated to presentations and stories by testimonials.

Spaces for institutional events and B2B
For international meetings and exchanges.

Food Court
Here it will be possible to promote regional products.

HERE the virtual tour of Italy Pavillon with audio guide by Artistic Director Davide Rampelli