Success for the Region’s mission to Expo Dubai to promote made in Lazio

A week dedicated to innovation, ecological transition, luxury tourism, culture, music, fashion, design and gaming, to launch a bridge between the Gulf countries and the productive fabric of our Region. An extraordinary opportunity for companies and innovators to meet investors and potential international partners.

In the first half of January, the Lazio Region organised a series of events at the Emirates Exhibition to offer investors and potential international partners a wide range of concrete opportunities offered by Made in Lazio.

The meetings, debates and forums of a scientific nature and aimed at the production sector, focused in particular on the opportunities arising from the Ecological Transition and Luxury Tourism, a sector closely linked to the Fashion sector that represents a strong element of attraction for tourists from the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Peninsula in general.

The culture of our region was the leitmotif of the scheduled events, starting with the musical suggestions offered by the Orchestra Popolare Italiana, at the Dubai Millenium Amphitheatre. An original ensemble of voices, accordions, percussions and various traditional musical instruments, conducted by Ambrogio Sparagna, proposed a vast polychrome repertoire that told of our Region through the sounds of tradition. A show of Mediterranean sounds among rhythms, melodies, dialects and curious musical instruments, an original journey through the music of Lazio, from the Apennines to the Tyrrhenian Sea. An overwhelming experience that also won over the Emirati musicians, who took to the stage together with our performers, in a jam session marked by contamination, between Arab sounds and Latin musical themes.

· The concertof the Orchestra Popolare Italiana

“After the initiatives organised in 2021 on the themes of Aerospace, Cinema and Agrifood – remembers the EXPO 2020 Dubai coordinator for the Lazio Region, Quirino Briganti – in January 2022 the Region focused on two Forums dedicated to Luxury Tourism and Sustainability, an event on Agrifood and a Lab on the valorisation of the Fashion supply chain through videogames and gamification, to build and favour access to international markets. The activities at the Dubai Expo will continue, with the valuable organisational support of Lazio Innova, in the coming months with strategic themes for our region such as Life Sciences, Precision Agriculture, Sea Economy, Smart City, the University System of Lazio and various prestigious cultural events”.

With the forum “Lazio, a Luxury Destination”, the Lazio Region illustrated the potential of attraction that our territory can develop for travellers from the Gulf area in search of culture, wellness, fashion, sports and high-end gastronomy. This is a particular sector whose value goes far beyond its strong economic impact. It is, in fact, a segment that is almost exclusively the prerogative of foreign tourists, which contributes to the enhancement of the image of Italy as a destination abroad, a driving force for the promotion and development of Made in Italy at 360 degrees, which brings together different and apparently distant sectors. In general, Food and Shopping are the main reasons for luxury tourists’ choice of destination, who put Italy first for art cities and country destinations, but also for experiences linked to food and wine and culture. In particular, Lazio itself, thanks to its extraordinary assets, exerts a strong attraction on these travellers from the Persian Gulf area and the Arabian Peninsula.

· The forum “Lazio, a Luxury Destination”

The concomitance of Expo 2020 Dubai was fundamental to promote “for the first time ever, Lazio also with a declination oriented to luxury tourism – said Valentina Corrado, Regional Minister for Tourism, Local Authorities, Urban Security, Local Police and Administrative Simplification of Lazio – a fast growing and expanding segment for the whole regional tourism sector, with the aim of reinforcing the recognition of the Lazio brand and the excellence of the high-end products in a closely synergic network between institutions, associations, businesses and operators, highlighting how our region is a firm point of reference for travellers and leisure tourists”.

Ecological Transition was the theme of the other regional forum, also organised in the Amphitheatre of the Italy Pavilion, with the aim of stimulating ideas and discussion on mitigation and adaptation to climate change on a local scale.

Sustainable use and protection of marine resources, transition to a circular economy, prevention and reduction of pollution, protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems, are issues that involve everyone, at every latitude of the Globe and represent the goal of the future in our present. The Forum tackled a crucial and unavoidable aspect of global recovery and development policies: the growing interest in climate variability and its changes on a local scale, which has now extended well beyond the scientific community to involve administrations, political decision-makers and local stakeholders in an increasingly direct manner.

· The forum “Mitigating and adapting to climate change on a local level: Lazio Region’s commitment in favour of the ecological transition”

As Roberta Lombardi, Regional Minister for Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation of Lazio , reminded us: “One of the greatest challenges is to implement the global decarbonisation objectives on a local level in our territories, because it is here that the work of the institutions becomes visible to people, through a concrete impact on the environment, public health, the economy and quality of life. Combining, for example, the development of renewable energies with the protection of productive activities such as our agri-food excellence is one of our prerogatives, along with ensuring that the Ecological Transition is the result of a participatory process”.

Last, in chronological order, was the appointment dedicated to the creative industries: a resource of talent and creativity that has in Lazio the place designated for open innovation, i.e. the transfer of good ideas to the world of production. In this case, Fashion and Videogames were the sectors of the regional challenge, which had its final act at the Dubai Exhibition, to bring the innovative ideas of Lazio’s creatives in gaming and fashion to the Emirates.

The final of “The Sustainable Fashion Talent Challenge” – educational lab that in the past months has seen the participation of 5 multidisciplinary teams, composed of 30 professionals and young experts in the fields of Game and Videogame, Fashion, Fashion design and Marketing – was “realized in partnership with important national and international subjects such as Altaroma, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates, RomeVideoGameLab & Italian Interactive Digital Association, which operate in interdisciplinary fields and are coherent with the strategy of the Lazio Region that sees the creative industries of Videogames and Fashion at the centre of the promotion of the territory”, commented the president of Lazio Innova, Nicola Tasco. The winner of this challenge was the Metamoda team, which won over the jury with a project that creates video games based on interactive storytelling to promote fashion brands and products.

The winner receives not a symbolic prize but an opportunity for professional growth with a course of development and acceleration of the concept developed, within the Spazio Attivo of the Lazio Region in Zagarolo LOIC (Lazio Open Innovation Centre), an innovation hub specialising in Game, Creativity, Culture and Tourism.

· The finalists of “The Sustainable Fashion Talent Challenge”