“Scherzo Eolico” – World Premiere

On the occasion of Expo Dubai 2020, the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia commissioned a short composition for symphonic orchestra to the composer Nicola Piovani, who was also the interpreter, conducting the Orchestra during this recording.

“It is a short scherzo for symphony orchestra, commissioned by the Lazio Region and the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, inspired by certain movements of the wind, what I imagined while observing some wind turbines; the wind was moving the gigantic blades against the sky as it was clearing up. These solemn windmills were capturing the energy of the wind turbines and bringing it into our daily lives; an image of the future that is already present.
The score of this Scherzo tries to imitate certain squiggles of the wind, the breath that makes fragments of melodies fly, splinters of rhythms, echoes of a waltz.
Small gusts of dance between whirlwinds that bounce and eventually recede, without slowing down, until they disappear”
Nicola Piovani


The concert will be launched from the Amphitheatre of the Italian Pavilion with streaming connections from Italy.
Speakers at the meeting will include:
Quirino Briganti, Responsible for Lazio Region’s activities at “Expo 2020 Dubai”
Paolo Glisenti, Commissioner Italian Pavilion
Giuseppe Finocchiaro, Consul General of Italy in Dubai

Videoconference connection with:
Michele Dell’Ongaro, President Accademia di Santa Cecilia
Nicola Piovani, Pianist, Composer and Conductor
Nicola Zingaretti, President of Lazio Region

The event is promoted by Lazio Region.