ITA/ICE’s services for SMEs wanting to operate in the MENA region

ITA/ICE launched the #RiparticonICE campaign, putting in place several new actions aimed to help Italian companies make a new start in this globally difficult economic cycle which can be used on all foreign markets, including those of the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).

The New Catalogue of ITA/ICE Services, which streamlines and makes the offer easier to use by companies, is made up of two sections:

  1. Services to Know20 free services to expedite and expand knowledge of foreign markets.
  2. Services to Grow8 high value-added customised services against payment, supporting companies in developing their business around the world.

3 services under the “Services to Grow” section – Seeking foreign customers and partners, Seeking foreign investors, and Using ICE facilities (3 days a year)are free for companies with up to 100 employees (with company registration certificate to certify the number of employees) which use the service directly (excluding consultants/intermediaries and are not transferrable to third parties​​).

The ITA/ICE’s principal free services available for companies include:

  • General information and informed guidance on the access and internationalization options in a given market
  • Foreign Market Info broken down by markets and sectors
  • Online Consultation by appointment: overview of a foreign market with a special focus on the socio-political situation, cultural aspects with commercial spin-offs, the economic and consumption picture, as well as other possible specific aspects, upon request
  • Export in bullets – Export Tips: training through several audio/video tutoring sessions available on the Web
  • Product Data Sheets describing global demand trends for more than 330 products
  • Your product on the market, background document on the potential of a given product/service in a specific market
  • Profiles of foreign business operators (15 profiles, where existing), complete with the following data: personal data, sector of activity, company organization, distribution network, pre- and post-sale assistance, market segmentation and brands represented  
  • List of local professionals, with personal data complete with address, telephone number and e-mail address.
  • Customised foreign trade statistics
  • Information on customs, taxes, regulatory framework, currency  
  • Online showcase to provide information on the potential of one’s product
  • Market surveys based on the needs and characteristics of the Italian company or of the applicant
  • Dispute settlement and assistance in finding a friendly and out-of-court solution for commercial disputes between Italian and foreign companies

The complete list of all the services in the New Catalogue is available HERE


Toll-free number: 800 98 98 00 – Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Switchboard operator: 06 59921